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Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to Add Recent Posts and Comments Widgets to Your New Blogger?

I saw many Blogger blogs implementing a recent post widget and a recent comment widget on their blogs. I know WordPress blog allows you to just click to add them to your blog easily. For Blogger these functions are not yet available. So how can you add them on your Blogger blog?

This article, Easy Peaky Recent Comments Widget for Blogger Layouts, shows the way of how to add a new recent comment widget to your Blogger blog. I've just added mine. What do you think? The codes also added a new recent post widget to your Blogger but the author didn't cover that part. So here is how you can make this new recent posts widget appear by adding the Feed URL for it. After you log in to your dashboard, click on Layout/Edit for Recent Posts widget. A screen will show up. See the screenshot below: Recent PostsYou need to add http://yourblog.blogspot.com/feed/posts/default in the Feed URL. Make sure you change yourblog to be your blog name. Then click on SAVE to close it.

I've also fixed the indentation so that all post feeds line up nicely on the left side. In the codes provided above, there are two <ul>s, two </ul>s, two <li>s, and two </li>s. Change <ul> and <li> to be <p> and change </ul> and </li>to be </p>. That will do the trick. So far the only thing I don't like about is its default number of feeds that are limited to 5 only. I'll try to find a solution for this later. So please bookmark this post and check back for my update. Your questions and comments about this topic are welcome.


djono said...

thanks for your idea..i've do it as yours. but i've got a trouble..the box of post a comment didn't appear when i or anybody try to click "comments" word or "post a comment" word...in that case, so nobody can put their comments in my posting..please give me your solution about this problem, thanks for your attention

Lanna said...

Thanks for visiting!
Did your "post a comment" work before? You may have to upload your backuped template and then start all over again. Let me know how things go. If you need further assistance, just post your comment here again.

judi bola said...

please for the tutorial, I still do not understand hehehehe

Lanna said...

What part of the tutorial do you still not understand? Please let me know.

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