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Thursday, August 27, 2009

MSN Ads Beat Google Ads For CPA Offers

For someone just getting into CPA marketing, the assortment of different kinds of offers can be confusing. It might seem overwhelming at first to try and decipher what all the different offers are.

Sound like there's a catch? It almost is, but its entirely legitimate, and leading affiliates have been creating wealth with it for years. What is this elusive strategy? Media buys.

What happens is that you, as offer affiliate, make commissions for the "actions" taken by the buyers you steer toward the ads. As a easy example, let's say a entrepreneur wants to test the buyer feedback on a new product line that they are releasing. They create an offer where they will pay $1.50 for each person who enters their e-mail address and zip code. Your job is simply to send traffic to that offer and then you earn $1.50 for each buyer who opts in.

As a marketer, you might be wondering how this is a positive for you. although the offer is free, or nearly free, advertisers are likely more than willing to pay large commissions (as much as $20-$100 per lead). The reason is that many of these free trial offers are forced continuity programs. By accepting the free trial offer, the buyer is agreeing to pay for more of the product when the free trial is up, often by a monthly auto-ship program.

In basic terms you, as a CPA marketer, are really a traffic broker: You buy traffic on one end, route it to an offer page and get checks determined by how well it makes money. Sounds so simple, doesn't it? It can be simple, but it generally isn't.

As the promoter, this means that all you have to do to get started promoting affiliate and CPA offers with banners is basically cut and paste a snippet of code. Cut, paste, and you're done. No need to perform rocket science to get ad copy, waste hours in Photoshop or write any code. It has all been created for you.

Another similar kind of offer is an e-mail submit. You have probably heard many marketers say that the cash is in the list, but getting a list of prescreened buyers can be tough, and so companies will pay a lot for valid e-mail addresses. That's where you come in: All the customer needs to do is submit their e-mail address and you make a commission. Like a zip-submit, the payouts can be a little low, but you can make up for that in volume.

By Ally Binmaker

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