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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Are You Making As Much Money As You Can With Your Keyword List?

If you've been in Niche Marketing any time at all, you know how important keywords are. Keywords are what drives visitors to our sites and allow us to make money online. Without keywords, there would be no rankings and it would be hard for visitors to find our pages, and our ads!

Now that you know how important keywords are for your ability to make money online, why wouldn't you check on them every so often to make sure they're still bringing in the money? Most people would think that this would be a given, but its not. A lot of affiliate marketers think that once they rank well for one keyword, that keyword will always bring them money. This isn't the case and having a mindset like that will cost you a lot of money down the road.

Our time as marketers is limited. It would be a shame to find out that you've been optimizing your website for keywords that are no longer popular and fail to make money. One niche that continues to change regularly is Hollywood. Celebs popularity rises and falls with the tides. It's important to know which ones are popular and which ones have had their popularity wane.

But just as many keywords go of style, there are many that become popular. Some become popular overnight while others may sneak their way into the searches. This is just another example of why you need to stay on top of your keyword list. If you don't, you'll be leaving money on the table...for people like me to take away from you! Think of keywords as a bunch of Apples in the fridge. When some start going bad, you toss them and replace them with fresh ones whenever you go to the store. Your keyword list should be done the same way. Routinely check your list for non producing keywords, get rid of them and replace them with ones that do make you money.

If you're seeing decreasing income from your keyword list, this may be a good time to look them over to see which ones aren't performing. While you're at it, it will also be a good idea to see which other keywords that have become popular so you can add those to your list as well. It's a real bummer to work hard building your keyword list only to find out that many of your main keywords are not being searched for quite as often as they once were.

Just by taking this advice and looking over your keyword list, you'll likely find room for improvement. Heck, you may also discover that your income goes up as you get rid of non productive keywords and add new ones. You can bet that your competition will be updating their keyword list on a routine basis, just another reason you should be as well. That is, if your interested in making money on the Internet!

By Peters Q Framptowski

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