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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Which One Is Better Squidoo Or Hub Pages?

The net is full of social networking blogspots and communities, but two of the top out there are Hub Pages and Squidoo. Both of these social Journal networks seem to have an unfair advantage when it comes to ranking favorably with the search engines. Along with Word Press, Ezine Articles, and of course Google Blogger, these two communities can get found just about immediately. The issue is not if they are helpful forms of marketing but rather, which one delivers the most effective blow?

Hub Pages is a community for writers, bloggers, or someone wanting to share something fascinating with the written word. Your blogs at Hub Pages are identified as hubs. You can pick from unique modules to augment the look and originality of your hubs. Hub Pages permits you to insert your AdSense, amazon, and Ebay ID to you hubs to earn profits from everyone who clicks or purchases from your links. You can also insert keywords to your hubs to make it easier for the search engines to find you.

Squidoo is also a community for writers and very comparable to Hubpages. The major variation between the two is that Squidoo refers to its pages as lens. Just like Hub Pages, you can build unlimited lens on any theme while earning additional revenue from AdSense, amazon, and Ebay.

Squidoo is very Google friendly and allows you to insert up to 40 keywords to your lens to enhance your search engine position. As you can see, these two powerhouse, high pr social communities share numerous comparable characteristics; So what are the differences?

The differences commence with the revenue from your income modules. Squidoo has a joint earning policy which divides the total earnings between the whole Squidoo community depending on the ranking of your lens. The more superior your lens rank, the larger portion of the earnings you receive. Hub Pages on the other hand permits you to hold 100% of your revenue from AdSense, amazon, and Ebay.

Another difference are the regulations and policies. Hub pages is especially strict on self endorsement or over advertising of affiliate products. They will ban you quickly if your intent are to only offer content for the solitary purpose of spamming. Squidoo also frowns spammers, but they are more engaging to Internet marketers who are interested in creating lens to promote their affiliate products or programs. I guess you can say that Squidoo provides you a wider freedom of speech. Hub Pages additionally does not allow adult content.

Squidoo has recently strengthen their policies on the types of lens that they will publish. Examples of lens that use to be standard that are no longer suitable are: Lenses on grown-up content, medical miracle cures, and lenses with more than 9 links to the identical website. If you can reach giant squid position (50 lenses) than these regulations may be waived.

Both Squidoo and Hub Pages offer a space for like minded individuals to bring their visions, outlooks, products or artistic views to the Internet. The question of which one packs the most effective punch in my judgment, can simply be left up to each individual. I myself use both. Since both communities are free to become a member and free to network, I find it that it makes sense not to show favoritism. The choice between one over the other would be the equivalent of leaving cash on the table.

By Marc Marseille

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