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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is Social Bookmarking the New Preferred Link Building Tool?

It is not a natural thing for us to be anti-social, even though we do crave our "me" times. So it is no wonder that the most social of all places, the Internet, has designated "Social Bookmarking" as a term of its own. It's new to the worldwide web but already trendy and gaining momentum as the preferred link building tool.

So, What Is It?

What a preferred link building tool does is store and manage websites and web pages for you. You probably already round up and save links to your favorite sites. Then, you can find them with no trouble and share them if you want to. A social site offers web feeds to the social bookmarks as prepared by tag groups. What is "social" about this is that these building sites allow others to view your bookmarks. You are giving others the opportunity to be tagged, thereby upping the number of users who can now see pages that are of specific significance without having to undertake extensive searches on their own. At the same time, the user-tagged web pages they have saved on the social bookmarking preferred sites appear instantly as soon as a fresh tag is supplied.

Distinctiveness Among the Throngs

You can link to a website via blogs or other areas, but the social bookmarking is a preferred link building tool as it does not use the typical algorithm scheme to define the meaning and importance of a website and its contents. The social bookmarking tool works with search engine spiders to find specific tagged content. Real people execute the tool and comprehend the content of the source for which they search.

The advantage of bookmarking over blog linking is its easy access to any reader of your site. If you add a simple button to your site, people can add your site to their social bookmarks to be shared with the web and other search engine spiders (very important!) with no trouble at all. As a team member with SEO (search engine optimization) Social Bookmarking can drive an increasing amount of traffic to your site with specific tagged words. By having the prospective of being a back link to your site, social bookmarking aids search spiders in finding your site without difficulty and allows them to frequently peruse and catalog the site.

It can be somewhat dreary in searching through the Internet to find what you are looking for. With social bookmarking, buttons are exhibited, and with an effortless click they will routinely take the user to the pertinent website or webpage they require. Tagging allows the people to accumulate the sites they fancy to re-visit. Using words which they decide for themselves it enables the retrieval making process to be executed a lot easier.

There is a flurry of social bookmarking sites out there now such as del.icio.us, google bookmarks, buzz, stumble, digg, and so many more. To decide on only one may be quite difficult. The good news is that you don't have to. The more bookmarks your site has the better. So I say, "Bookmark your site at all of 'em".

By Tom P Kearns

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