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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Simplicity for Web Designs?

Simple web designs give a lot of gains not just to the clients and users but also to designers as well. In this article we will give a rundown of the benefits and advantages of simplified web designs and how you can attain them.

1. Navigation.

Simple websites only includes important information. This makes navigation relatively easy. The key here is to be consistent. You need to put navigation elements in the same place on each page whenever possible. There must be a one main navigation menu. As much as possible do not use drop downs for navigation.

2. Simple web pages loads faster.

When you are designing, make it a rule that you make your file as small as possible. This is of course because of the fact that smaller files loads faster. With simple designs, you will likely be using simple style sheets and less number of HTTP requests.

3. Easy to scan website pages.

When visitors come across a certain website, scanning is the first thing that they do. They scan through the pages and look for something that they need, and when they don't find anything they will immediately hit back and move on. Thus as a designer, it is a must that you know how to create layouts that clearly presents what your site is all about. As a general rule, present your contents keeping in mind that visitors will scan it in "F" or "E" pattern.

4. Simple code is easier to debug.

When building your site, make sure that you simplify your code right from the very start. Simple codes are easier to debug, thus saving time for the designer.

5. Do not put unnecessary decorative elements.

Though it is still a case to case basis, make sure that you do not put decorative elements that do not serve any purpose. Though your field is designing, the cliche "simple is beautiful" still applies to websites.

By Ricky Anderson

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