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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Few Valuable Tips On Improving Search Engine Ranking?

The purpose of launching a website is to promote the services and the products that you are aiming to business. If your traffic to the website is not high then your whole marketing purpose does not yield very promising returns. So "How do I make my website more search engine friendly?" Let us look at few basic tips on improving search engine ranking.

Valuable Content: This is one of the most important aspects that should be considered. Your site should be loaded with lot of valuable content. The search engine crawlers that crawls the web pages after regular intervals keep on updating their data, and can differentiate the good content from the bad one. They do not penalize the site but in order to be more search engine friendly and for improving search engine ranking you need to have original and unique content that is keyword rich.

Keyword is a very common for an Internet user. It is also a very critical aspect and help improves the search engine rankings. Keyword is basically the word that users use to make their query on the search engine window. If you your content are keyword rich and you are targeting the right keyword then it will remarkably improve your page ranking for that particular keyword. So it is very important that you use a keyword analytical tool to know the most common words for searches that user uses.

Meta tags also are very important deciding factor. By adding keywords to the meta tags makes your content rich. Some people believe that method has is outdated but it is still a viable way to improve your ranking.

If you do not have a sitemap on your website then you might just be reducing your chances of achieving higher page rank. It is used as a guiding tool that helps the crawlers to crawl all the pages of the website in much easier and faster way. And once all the pages in the website are crawled, it is indexed in the search engine, which eventually helps in achieving a much better page rank.

We cannot talk about page rank without discussing about the link building. It is the most important aspect of SEO and is a very good tool for improving search engine ranking. Every relevant link that is created adds to the popularity of the website. The more links you generate the better it is. It is good for your website if you are able to build links with website already having a better page ranking then you.

Boosting your website ranking will help you have more traffic to your website, which means that your chances of converting business leads are increased and it helps in increasing profit. Hence for any business house to be able to generate more profit needs to concentrate on improving their website structure and make it more search engine friendly so that it get ranked high on search engine index.

By Sheryl Bocelli

About the author: There are millions of sites in the Internet especially if you check prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN. This is why you need to find ways for improving search engine ranking of your website to draw the attention of online visitors. Or you need to check how to be at the top search engine ranking.


Wealthy Affiliate Review said...

These days every one want their own business to be established. And this dream may be true due to internet. Through internet, we can establish own business online. There are lots of way to do this. Thanks for the important tips shared.

lingerie uk said...

but even with that sometimes it may take ages for user to find your page. i believe it`s worth to pay for profesionnal seo help

Lanna said...

@lingerie uk,

It is so true that "... it may take ages for user to find your page..." So every step counts.

As for professional SEO help - if you have money it is fine with that approach. But for the people who just started, they just have to do SEO in a hard way.

Kredit said...

Very good tips in this article. Dear good read blog. I have you bookmarked on a bookmark site.

Lanna said...


Thank you for visiting and bookmarked it! Glad you like the tips.

SEO Tips said...

Thanks for the tips, as a newbie i need more tipsThanks for the tips, as a newbie i need more tips

Hire website developers said...

Great tips about SEO.This tips gave idea suggestion to do Seo.Thanks for sharing your information.

Chartered Accountant Delhi said...

Hi,Really great effort. Everyone must be read this article. Thanks for sharing.

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