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Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Tenth Week of My Online Business

I was busy designing my new website this week. I added more stuff to my site. Check it out and give some advice or comments.

I also read more eBooks about affiliate programs. That led me to an informative 5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forum. I was surprised to meet a top affiliate, Lisa Irby there. She was mentioned in the eBook Secrets of Top Affiliate Marketers and she is also a senior member in that forum. People are so friendly there.

There are tons of tips and strategies there too. I am impressed with the website of 5 Star Affiliate Programs. Whoever is interested in running an online business definitely should join its forum. It sure is an asset for succeeding in your online business. Besides,

I started to search for relevant reciprocal links. It is a strategy I learned that can help a website increase Google's ranking in search engine. It can also help increase traffic too. To get one-way links, you can try to submit your site to major directories such as Google, Yahoo, and DMOZ.org. I found these five directories that you can submit your websites for FREE!

  1. Open Directory Project - Help build the most comprehensive human-reviewed directory of the web.
  2. Premium SEO Friendly Directory - Free web directory, essential for link building. Fast approval times. SEO friendly free web directory with fast approval times.
  3. SearchSight.com - Changing the Way People See the Internet! Visual Search Engine with Thumbnail Images...
  4. Web World Directory - Web Directory is an established web directory of quality web sites organized by topic, offering business listings to quality sites on the Web. Suggest your site for possible inclusion.
  5. World Site Index - A searchable directory of websites organized by subject.
However I learned that joining Free-for-all links and Free classifieds, exchanging banners, and sending spams to people are not wise and should be avoided.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Ninth Week of My Online Business

This week I dumped the website that Ultimate Wealth Package had provided. I spent lots of time putting up my new website using Joomla! - one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems. It is FREE to download, easy to install, and simple to manage. Moreover it is reliable and is used all over the world.

It doesn't matter where you live or what language you speak, Joomla! is targeted for international users. It is used for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. For instructions on how to install and use Joomla!, you can visit Joomla! Tutorials.

Many templates are available on the Internet. However, some of them want you to sign up for free templates while many of them require you to pay. For your convenience, I have found over a thousand free templates you can download for use. To find out more about Joomla!, please visit Joomla!'s forum.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

It Has Been Two Months

I still earned nothing. However, I have done a couple of things this week.I finally solved the login problem with ROIRocket.com account. I cancelled the AWeber account and got my money back because I think I am not ready to have it yet.

Through the ebook Secrets of Top Affiliate Marketers, I found a forum in Affiliate Programs Directory. It is a very informative site. It provides tons of tips and helpful strategies for either beginners, intermediate, or advanced affiliates. I think everyone who is interested in affiliate programs should check this site out. You will be surprised how many things there you can be beneficial from.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Seventh Week of My Online Business

This week I signed up for a free account from AdBrite.com - The Internet's Ad Marketplace just like Google AdSense. I then put some of its ads on my WordPress blog. I learned this marketplace by visiting a forum. Some people believe that using AdBrite's marketplace service can earn more money than Google AdSense. True or not? I want to test it out.

I read another ebook - Secrets of Top Affiliate Marketers. This book interviewed some top affiliate marketers and revealed their secrets of being the top affiliate marketers. It tells people what should or should not do in order to succeed in their online affiliate business. For the newbies of affiliate programs, it mentioned that forums are the best places to start. Besides they are free. The only thing to look out is to find the right forums to join.

The second ebook I started is Mark Warren's Ultimate Wealth Package Volume II. This ebook tells people how to get rich from affiliate programs, how to explode your profits through email marketing, how to create newsletters that sell as well as inform. Joining adventure - partnering for success and selling information products online are the last two topics he covered in details.

Update: In my case, it is not true that AdBrite can earn more money than Google AdSense. Maybe I did not fully utilize its methods.


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