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Saturday, August 16, 2008

How to Optimize Your Joomla! Website?

If you have a Joomla! website, you probably realize that you get many duplicated titles and descriptions especially for those pages generating by components. How can you avoid situations like that? There is one unique way to solve these problems but first you need to install Sh404Sef. If you did not install it yet, this post, Which Joomla! Sef is better? OpenSEF or Sh404SEF?, will show you how.

Now that you've installed Sh404Sef, you need to login to your Joomla! administrator's interface (backend).

  • Click on Components/sh404SEF on the menu bar.
  • A new interface is open; click on View/Edit SEF Urls.
  • Select the item you want to optimize; click on New Meta.
  • Type in a title in a Title tag, a description in a Description tag, and keywords in Keywords tag.
  • Click Save which is at the upper right hand side corner to save it.
You have to repeat the last three steps for each of the items you want to optimize. After that you can check each of your website pages by clicking on it; then select View/Page Source from your browser's menu bar; you can see that each page has its own title, description, and keywords. Thus avoid duplicated title, description, and keywords.

For the home page, click on Components/sh404SEF on the menu bar from backend; click on Home page Meta which is on the upper right hand side corner; type in main title in a Title tag, main descriptions in a Description tag, and keywords in Keywords tag. Have something to say about this topic, feel free to leave your comment(s).

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kway said...

love your site always great info on it keep on the good work please and thank you :)

Lanna said...

Hello Kway;

Thanks for your good words. :D

I am wondering how you are doing. Did you set up your Joomla! site yet? Just being curious.

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