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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Easy Principles Of Converting Traffic Into Sales

Are you getting a ton of traffic coming to your site but not getting them to convert into paying customers? If so, then you are probably really frustrated when you check your statistics and see that you are so close to getting your business to grow but still not able to make the numbers you need. But did you know that with a few minor changes in your approach that you can dramatically increase the number of conversions on your website? If you are interested in knowing what these things are then the following five tips will help.

To begin with, be ready not to get a conversion from a first time visitor. Your product may be great and your offer may be attractive, but it doesn't mean a person will want to buy from you on a first visit. So, instead of making this common mistake and trying to sell, get visitors contact details and follow up with your offer after.

Avoid putting too many offers in front of your customer. Make sure your calls to action, like sign up form, comes before the sales page. It should look more like a step by step process, which can be easy followed: firstly you offer something for free and get contact details and in the end you make your offer and lead a person through buying process.

Then you need to communicate customers the benefits they can get from your products. People care about emotions more than a product itself, so make sure you tell them about how they are going to feel when they will use the product and which problems they can resolve by doing so.

Fourth, try to make your offer urgent, make customers feel that if they don't purchase something now, they will loose a great deal, because if you don't people will always take time to think about it and might never come back to this again.

Finally, make your call to action clear and directive. Tell people what to do and never assume that they know anything. This means that you don't just put a submit button on your page, it means that you also TELL them EXACTLY what to do with it. Positioning yourself as the expert means that you are assuming that people are going to do what you say without questions. Be this person when it comes to your visitors.

Make sure you put these principles into practice and see how they work increasing your conversions and bringing you more profit every day.

By Martha Robinson

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