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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Drive Traffic to Your Sites with Article Marketing Services

To successfully drive visitor traffic to your website you should do your best to establish it as a key resource of information about your niche. To best achieve this, create relevant and fresh content and make sure that you distribute it by using the best article marketing services.

Informative material should be provided about your subject or niche in a series of well-written articles. As people use the Internet to search for answers to their problems and look for specific information they type in a series of words. These words are known as "keywords" and you should pay attention to them and make sure that your web pages are optimized specifically. Article marketing services aim to use these keywords to drive traffic to your site.

The ins and outs of search engine optimization represent a whole new subject and are not covered here, but to make sure that your website is successful you must include the correct keywords within the body of the content on your page. We advise that you create a separate page on your site for each keyword or key phrase that describes your business product or service.

It is possible to really narrow down the focus of someone searching for information by referring to what is called a "long tail" keyword or key phrase. For example instead of searching for the word "dog," a long tail search phrase could be "yellow Labrador retriever." A list of web pages would be returned by the search engine tailor-made to the exact information that the searcher requires. Now, if you are a breeder of yellow labs then you could promote your service through your website by making sure that each site page is optimized for the exact keyword phrase.

If you have decided to utilize article marketing services to help you promote your web site, you should be sure to have articles written including an exact phrase " such as yellow Labrador retriever " in the title and within the article body. We recommend that the phrase appears an optimum number of times within the article body, approximately 1%. This means that in a 500 word article your phrase would appear five or six times. Don't make the mistake of writing articles or getting someone else to write them for you with too high a density of keywords, known as keyword stuffing. This is always counterproductive in the long run.

Article marketing services don't just write optimized articles, they also send the articles to hundreds of premium article directories, together with the resource box which includes a bio and an important link back to your website. The article directories are heavily trafficked by people who are looking for articles and information about the chosen subject. Your article, with information about, for example "yellow Labrador retriever," would be discovered, read and would prompt people to click on the accompanying link to go to your website for more information.

Article marketing services will help to establish your site as the expert and authority within its particular niche. In addition, search engines like to see back links to your site and this will help to rank it, so that it appears more prominently in search results.

For years now, Internet marketing experts have extolled the virtues of article marketing services. Together with pay-per-click, this practice is the best way to drive focused traffic to your website.

By Nigel Evans

About the Author: To learn a great deal about article marketing services , visit Nigel Evans' regularly updated blog at internetmarketingforsmallbiz.com


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