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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Got Back links?

Do you need back-links? Then you need to learn everything about back-links you can! Keep reading!

But social bookmarking is only worth a fraction of the SEO of organic pages. Social bookmarking only draws users to one bookmarking site and one genre. Organic growth is based on keywords and search engines.

Social bookmarking will only give you a marginal amount of PR. This is because social bookmarking sites are not the same as yours. That is, unless your site is about social bookmarking!

Remember, there are tons of potential back-links out there. Just because you can't get a PR 7 page to link to you, you can get thousands of PR 3 pages on your side. The potential is endless!

If you need article submissions, but are short on time or effort, outsource your work. Go to forums and find people who will write your work for you. That way, you can pay them low rates and rake in high rates on article submission sites.

Many people are too busy to submit articles. Or, these people have started businesses collecting articles from other writers. This is the money-making spot for article submission writers.

Submitting articles does not have to be hard. You do not have to be an expert in SEO to submit articles. You don't even have to be an expert in the article topic to submit an article.

Try to have a few strategies in place to maintain search engine rankings. That way, when one is used by a competitor, they can't beat you. SEO is all about strategy.

First, you must improve your website for keywords. Second, you must ensure that the HTML code of your web page is perfect. These steps are crucial to SEO.

Appropriate SEO (search engine optimization), produces high quality back-links to your site. There are many ways to go about this. Exchange links with other websites in order to continuously get back-links.

In conclusion, SEO uses back links to help you get noticed. You can get great search engine optimization with the right key words. Using SEO can be very helpful for you.

By Herbert Wilkerson

About the Author: Back links are very important to SEO ' no back links, no good listings. Many Visitors Does A Website. So many people will stiff you on the Internet, it's not even funny. Make sure that you have backup income in case things get hairy.


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Place your websites link where it can stay for long time so that trust factor of website will boost and also try to get links from authority sites that are having the relevant content rather than link pages.

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