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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Latest Top 20 Link Building Strategies For Any Website

Link Building is basically the process of getting quality websites to link to your website. In order to improve search engine rankings you must do so.

Here are the latest and greatest ways for building links to your website.

Submit Press Release to PR sites - This will helps you in building back links. There are so many press release sites available in the web and these sites will distribute the news to various online news outlets. Use this tip for better results whenever any upgrade or any changes in your site.

Submit to free ads or online classifieds websites for free advertising (Like AdsGlobe.com)

Reciprocal Links with Similar Sites - It is important to pick sites that are of high relevance to yours so you'll not only get links but traffic as well. Reciprocal linking can be useful from the beginning but don't overdo it. You can find link partners by emailing them directly or contacting them through webmaster forums.

Squidoo Lenses -- A Squidoo lens is fairly easy to create. It only takes around 15 minutes to set up one fully and you'll be able to insert a bunch of anchor text links to your website along with your feed content. Hub pages are another similar site you can use.

Articles Submission -- Create a short article on your site related topic and submit it to article directories for a back link and get some traffic. You might get more links if your article is picked up and published on other websites.

Social Media Profiles -- There is a whole bunch of social websites online which allow you to insert a link to your website through the profile page. Sign up for some of them, preferably using a user name and thumbnail that brand your business.

Social Bookmarking Websites -- Social bookmarking websites like Netscape or Digg are often crawled by search engines and their links do help to get a website indexed. So bookmark your website into various bookmarking sites.

Forum Signatures -- Sign up for some forums that related to you site and start contributing to ongoing discussions.

Create a Theme or Widget - Design and submit a theme, template or widget (Include a credit link that point to designated site) with an add-on application that is related to a specific social network or popular website.

Blogs on other Blog Platforms -- Create and post blogs on blog networks. Set up different versions of your blog on different blog networks like Wordpress.com, Blogger and Xanga. Link to specific web pages on your website.

Comment on Other Blogs -- Start commenting on relevant and popular sites in your niche. Don't just spam for links but focus on building a relationship with other bloggers as well. Write a relevant comment and try to avoid using keyword names or signature links.

Guest posting on other blogs -- Like article and press releases, this one involves having readily available content you can send out to certain blogs in your niche. This is great for getting relevant links and traffic.

'Usurping' Competitors' Links -- It is one of the most effective ways to build links, and is commonly practiced. The goal is to find as many domains and pages as possible that link to your competitors' sites and get those sites to link to you as well.

Local & Business Links -- Join the Better Business Bureau, List your site at the local library's Web site.

It is pretty easy to ask or answer questions on Yahoo! Answers, Wiki answers, Google groups and provide links to relevant resources.

Review related sites on Alexa to draw in related traffic streams. And also review related websites and provide links.

Swap some links. When swapping links, try to get links from within the content of relevant content pages.

Add testimonials -- Another way to get links is to submit testimonials on websites from where you have purchased any services or products as webmasters may publish your testimonials on their website which may also contain the link of your site.

Link Requests/Exchange -- This is probably the most common form of artificial link building practice that is ongoing. While requesting for a link you need to keep in mind with some points before composing mail. Some of them are ..

Submit your site to Web Directories - This will help you to get several back links if it works well. But these days most of the free directories are publishing your site. You can submit your site to paid directories so that you can get back links effectively.

By Virginia Chou

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