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Monday, November 2, 2009

Broadband Revolutionizes the Way We Use The internet

Most people in the modern civilized world will have heard of Broadband and will know that it relates to the Internet. But how many of you I wonder actually know what broadband means, and what it does? In basic terms broadband refers to the way that you connect up to the Internet. When the Internet first burst upon the public domain, we all used dial up technology, which meant that we connected our computers to the web via an ordinary telephone line. Broadband however uses a different technology than dial up, and is much faster.

With broadband, you no longer have to have a telephone line, and some people utilize their satellite TV systems instead. The majority of people do still use their telephone lines, alongside which an ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) line is routed, and this drastically increases the capacity and allows you to run your Internet, and your telephone service side by side over the same telephone line via a router or splitter.

The reason that broadband is so popular is that it is so much faster than dial up. This is because it uses a much bigger bandwidth. Bandwidth is the thing that determines how much electronic data can be transferred at any one point in time. In simple terms it is rather like a water pipe; the larger the diameter of the pipe the more water can pass through it, and the same applies to bandwidth. The larger the bandwidth, the more electronic data can pass through.

This means that you can surf the net much faster. The companies that provide broadband all tend to overstate the capability of broadband. That is to say that they don't tell you that the more people there are using the Internet at any one point in time, the slower the surfing will be.

Broadband services are usually oversold on the principle that not everybody will want to surf the net at the same time, and in the great majority of instances this is true. Slowdowns caused by heavy traffic are usually few and far between.

The other consideration is the way that people use the Internet. The great majority of broadband customers are simply surfing the net, and they do not use anywhere near as much broadband capacity as those who transfer data, such as music files, or graphics. Data transfer typically requires 3 to 4 times more capacity than simply surfing.

The broadband systems provide much better service to a consumer as compared to a dial up service. If you tried to download a movie or song using a dial up system you would probably have enough time before it finished to do some household chores or maybe even make a very quick run to the store. There truly is that much of a difference.

The broadband system has offered the Internet providers the ability to charge more for their services. You can choose the slower dial up system and save some money per month or you can go with the slightly more expensive broadband or high speed option and experience the Internet in the way it was intended to be experienced.

For the great majority there is only one choice: broadband! Once you have tried it out for yourself, it is extremely unlikely that you would ever consider going back to dial up again.

By Brianuna Hedderun

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