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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Site Optimization: The Tools Of The Trade

SEO tools, which ones do you buy? I have been asked this question many times. When you have a site ranking high in the search engines you get asked these little questions. I use a whole list of tools so I can't share them all, but I will tell you some main tools you need to get started in SEO and to start moving your site up. Once you start moving you can buy more expensive tools.

The first tool I use any time I am doing any SEO project is a keyword tool. There are tools like Good Keywords, The Google AdWords Keyword Tool and even Wordtracker. I really think anything in terms of keyword research that you pay for is a waste of money. All I look for is how many searches a term gets a month, then from there I can decide if I want to spend the time targeting it or not.

The next thing I like to recommend is a tool that builds links. This might be a tool like a BLOG commenting tool, and article submission tool, or some other method that brings in a lot of links. You can find all kinds of options for these tools on the Internet. There are social bookmarking tools, tools that will find Blogs for comments, and even complete courses on building links.

The last thing you need is something that will check your ranking in Google. I use a tool that will actually scan the first 1000 results on Google and tell me where I rank. This way I can see if my sites are moving up or down. The best part is that this tool is free. You can find it by searching Google SERPS on Google and it is on page 1, not number 1.

SEO without a doubt does require several tools. You can find most of the above tools that will do the work for you for free. Use those tools until you really start to see results, and your site starts making sales. Once you are making sales then you will be able to buy any tool you want. Some courses are better too, if you can learn to build links without buying software you are even better off.

By Richard Shell

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