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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Learn About Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking requires that you learn how to save bookmarks to public Internet sites and also add keyword tags to the bookmarks. Bookmarking is something that all of us know, understand, and make use of the Internet. It requires you to save addresses of different websites to help you reuse these bookmarks later.

If you are someone who wishes to make a set of social bookmarks, you will do well to register with a social bookmarking site where you can get to save bookmarks and also tag the bookmarks according to your choice. Then you can specify whether the bookmark is going public or simply private. Mostly, the sites that allow you for storing of social bookmarks will have their own way of ensuring that all the bookmarks actually work properly.

The entire social bookmark concept began quite recently and it started out with sites such as Simpy and also with del-icio.us. Once these sites succeeded it did not take long before other sites opened up and soon it became a mini-revolution. Such sites help users to collect resources which can be shared further.

Social bookmark sites have opened many new doors to how information can be organized and it also ensures better categorization of resources. All that you need to do is save whichever links to a web page that you want to reuse in future.

Mostly, these bookmarks are open for public sharing but you can specify if you want these bookmarks to be private so that only certain people and groups can share the bookmarks.

Normally, a site offering social bookmark saving facilities will ask their users to arrange the organization of bookmarks through use of tags and not as is conventionally done in a browser which makes use of folders.

Social bookmarking systems work better than conventional resource location as well as classification applications including search engine spiders. For the end user this concept is very useful as they can easily gain access to sets of bookmarks from a whole variety of computers and they can also easily organize voluminous bookmarks that can then be shared among their contacts.

The only trouble is that there is a lack of any standards for the way you can create keywords and even tagging is not standardized. It is also easy to tag things wrongly which in most cases occur because of making spelling errors and tags can have numerous meanings which means a lack of confusion and also lack of proper clarity.

By Sam Zellen

About the Author: Do you enjoy sharing your bookmarks? It is great to have everything neatly in one place so we can view them quickly and easily. But did you know you can save your bookmarks on a social bookmarking site? Find out about this exciting new trend!


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