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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fundamental Concepts Of SEO

Hundreds of thousands of results will appear before the user on searching for a well known topic on any search engine. In this competitive situation, Search Engine Optimization or SEO enables a company to figure among the top search results for a search relating to a specific word. Finding a place within the top results on common searches increases the number of web users who are drawn to your website and thus you do more business. That is the reason why SEO has become so important.

There are two kinds of SEO - white hat and black hat. Black hat means use of techniques, which are usually not approved of, for making a site appear in top results. On the other hand, white hat SEO works within the framework provided by the search engines and concentrates on making use of widely accepted techniques.

In order to comprehend the relevance of a web page for a particular keyword, search engines conventionally used the page's Meta data, which is inscribed into the code of the page by webmasters. However, key search engines now utilise complex algorithms to display the results that are filtered on the basis of more than 200 distinct factors.

SEO experts try to find out the relevance of many components in the search algorithms and keep in touch with the newest advancements that are brought about by different search engines. This information aids them in updating the SEO strategies for their clients to enable them to figure in top results of well known keywords. A few years back, when the search engines depended upon Meta data and the text on the page, this process required taking care of the Meta tags and ensuring a reasonable frequency with which a keyword existed on the page.

In spite of the continued importance of the onsite factors, the search engines now put a greater stress on how popular a page is. The popularity of a specific web page is decided by the number of other pages linking to it. This process is democratic in essence, where each link is like a vote for the particular web page. Therefore, SEO these days needs substantial work outside the site such as distributing free content in exchange of links to the site and establishing a presence on blogs and other interactive mediums online.

You should always keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing and dynamic process. SEO strategies are constantly trying to adapt to the changes occurring in the field of online search. This is what makes utilizing the services of an expert SEO consultant so vital.

By Carey Lim

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