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Monday, January 18, 2010

Google Adwords Advertising Advice

It is incorrect to believe that the top search terms are the best choices for keywords. This seems logical but it doesn't take into account the competition. Picking keywords that match the advertiser's business usually has more of an impact.

The use of special modifiers narrows the field a bit so that you will attract a higher quality audience. For example, use the term "flower gardening" instead of just "gardening" and you will eliminate the crowd that is more interested in vegetable gardening. "Perennial flower gardening" would be even more specific.

There isn't much benefit to an advertiser if the receive many clicks but below average conversion rates. Viewers who are merely clicking on ads and not purchasing anything are only costing the advertiser money. Drawing more likely candidates requires well targeted keywords. This results in a better conversion rate and better ROI.

Creating keywords requires examining your web site and picking out the words and phrases that describe it. You should also look at other web sites in the same target market. Try to figure out why those sites are good or not and look at how they word their advertisements and content. If they are reaching the target market you should attempt to leverage their terms and phrases where possible.

It helps to consider how a customer might think, too. According to Google, it is a good idea to create a list of search terms that consumers might use when performing an Internet search for specific goods and services. Think about the various ways they may spell some of those terms, too. For example, someone searching for low calorie foods might type "light foods" or "lite foods." To make sure you attract the greatest number of consumers, be sure to incorporate all possible spellings when creating a list of keywords for your site.

Keeping track of how effective a campaign is is a critical component. You can use Google's conversion tracking tool along with Google Analytics to see how a campaign is doing. If you see advertisements that are not generating as much traffic as estimated try to make some changes. Then, keep watching the results to see if the change improved things.

By Justin Harrison

About the Author: Justin Harrison is a leading Internet Marketing consultant responsible for the Internet Marketing strategies behind some of the biggest online brands including Amazon, BBC, MasterCard and many others.


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