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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some Tips For Effective Article Marketing

Here are some things ezine publishers look at when choosing articles to put on the Internet. So you will need an effective article marketing strategy. You have to determine if your article has too many self serving links in your article body. If you place too many self serving links like affiliate product links you will build a liability for yourself and your article will get lower results than you had wanted. Then examine your resource box.

Do you have more than two links in your resource box that are self serving? You want your information in your resource box to read direct and concise. Make sure it is less than ten percent of your complete article count. Those who publish online will not care if you place your links in order to get credit but keep from writing a small book regarding all of your Internet resources and your biography.

Remember to keep you articles within an online reader's time commitment. Most online readers will read an article of 250-700 words. Go over 700 words and most people will go to the next article that is shorter and skip your long worded piece. Always make sure to send in your original content. You can make your article appear more appealing by using numbered lists, bullet points or otherwise easy to decipher information.

You want to appear as the recognizable expert in your niche market. The more of an expert you appear to be the more likely your work will be distributed. You will build respect by creating the most informative and best work you can. The more you strive to do this the more your work will have a chance to be chosen. You can learn to produce more articles in a shorter time also.

If you write about fishing, you can plan to write two pieces on fishing bait, four on fishing rods, and a series of ten articles on places to fish.

You can also use different writing styles and use similar information in each article. One article you can employ bullet points, another article you can have lists of items, and another article you can employ a question and answer style.

I can sometimes over shoot my word maximum when I am writing up a storm. I can go from 500 to 1000 words quickly. If you do this break the article into two articles rather than editing down. You now have two articles instead of one to offer. Build articles from the questions your customers frequently ask. Place them together by topic. Answer the questions specifically and in detail and you have a series of pieces that interest those who have asked the questions.

Effective article writing requires practice and creativity. But when you put systems in place to create more articles and more effective pieces you can be on your road to mastering an effective method of promoting your online business. You will have more ideas for more articles as you build more and more on your previous article ideas.

By Brad Selers

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