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Saturday, October 4, 2008

How to Get Out of Google's Sandbox?

What is Google's sandbox?
In a simple term- it is an alleged filter placed on a new website. No matter how well you've done SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with your website, you are still not going to rank high with your targeted keywords. It is likely that Google has put your website in a probation period.

How do you know your website is in Google's sandbox?
Well, if your website have ranked well with Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines but not Google, it is likely that your website is put in Google's sandbox. The purpose of the Google's sandbox is to filter out the trash sites and to keep the quality content sites for its search engine relevant results. I realized that Google has put my BANS site in a sandbox. It was indexed 13 links about one week after it went live but now it was dropped to be only 6 links. When I typed site:airlineticketswithus.com, nothing showed up in Google (it used to show a lot of links). However, Yahoo has indexed 6 out of 23 links so far. MSN still did not show anything yet.

How long does Google's sandbox last?
If a website is put into Google's sandbox, it may stay there from 1 month to 6 months. A brand new website with a new domain name may even stay there longer; usually from 6 to 8 months.

What can you do to get out of Google's sandbox?
There is not that much you can do to speed up of getting out of the sandbox. Some experts suggest that while your website is still in the sandbox, you should add relevant content to your new website, get high quality incoming links, and optimize your web pages for Google.

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Update 12/17/2010: After two years and three months, airlineticketswithus.com has finally got out of Google's sandbox. Now if you type site:airlineticketswithus.com, it shows some indexed pages. I consider this is my Christmas present. I did change BANS site to be self-hosted WordPress site one year ago and I have promoted it to some directory submissions.


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