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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Sixth Week of My Online Business

The ROIrocket account is still unsolved. However I have to move on. Since I did not want to pay $3,900 for mentoring, my business is so static. I don't get any traffic to my site. I think it has to do with resubmitting my site using Get Visitors Now.

I do not like the websites that The Ultimate Wealth Package has provided. I want to change it to be the style I like. However I cannot do anything about it. It uses a PHP file and I am not familiar with that. I heard it is a server-side scripting language for creating dynamic web pages .

Since I cannot do anything about my website, I have to leave the way it is. I will build my own website one day. I searched from Google search engine, and I found The Site Wizard is pretty interesting. It covers broad topics toward website design, promotion, programming, and revenue making.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Fifth Week of My Online Business

Last week I signed up for the ROIRocket.com, but I still cannot log in to that account. The reason is that I signed up using my affiliate control panel, and the account was created automatically. The username and password are shown on my control panel, but the password cannot be read because it only shows dots.

I emailed to the Pro Support Team. They told me to go to the ROIRocket's homepage and click on "Forget your password?" I followed every single detail the Pro Support Team had given to me. At the end a message says that "An email has been sent to the address we have on file for your account requesting confirmation for this action to take effect."

However, I never got an email. Two days later I did that again from the ROIRocket's homepage. Still no email. I even emailed to the ROIRocket.com from its website. Still no reply. On Friday, I called them up. I gave my ROIRocket's username, I was told that an email would be on the way. However, up to this point, there is no email at all. I am pretty frustrated with this matter. Hopefully, things will work out better by next week.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

It Has Been One Month

Well, one month is past. I only earned $33.25. This week I almost finished reading Ultimate Wealth Package's Guide to Internet Marketing Volume One. This ebook has 80 pages and can not be done in one day. It covers broad topics of online marketing. Reading seems an endless task. There are many more ebooks to read.

One thing I've done is that I signed up for an Opt-in list program named AWeber, which charged its customer a fee depending on one month, three months, six months or one year's plan. I paid $19.95 for a one month trial service, which it says that "If you are not completely satisfied with the AWeber system, simply contact us within 30 days for a full, no-hassle refund."

This system basically helps its customer capture visitor sign ups from his or her website, sending unlimited follow ups and newsletters, and thus increasing its customer's profits.

Another thing I've done is I signed up for ROIRocket.com, which is an affiliate marketing program. This program connects the top advertisers on the Internet and publishers who are willing to promote the advertisers' offers based on a pre-determined commission amount. Everyone is beneficial by this system.

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Third Week of My Online Business

This week I read a lot of materials that were given by Ultimate Wealth Package. One of the strategies that I applied to my online business is to set up a blog account, which I did with Google Blogger.

I also set up another blog account with WordPress from my affiliate site. Moreover, I added Google AdSense's Referrals on my website, which I had difficulty to paste Referrals' codes on my web source. It would not allow me to save that file.

I emailed to Pro Support Team and they told me to ask a webmaster, who designed my website, to post the codes for me. Therefore I emailed to MidPhase who hosted my website. They asked me to email those codes to them which I did, but I still did not see any ads I chose from Google showing up on my webpage yet.

I guess it takes time. Good news is I got some traffic to my website now. Although I did not earn that much this week, I am optimistic about my first online business.


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