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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Search Engine Optimization - Follow-Ups

As I mentioned in Search Engine Optimization - Part II, you need to pay extreme attention to offpage optimizations. Especially with your targeted keyword, just type it in Google search engine; it will list the top ranked website over there.

Type that website's address in Google to find out the things I listed in Search Engine Optimization - Part 2. Once you find out the information about the top ranked website, you need to contact the websites that are linking to it. If you don't know those websites' email addresses, just search each website to find its contact information.

Always add that website to your webpage first before you request your link-exchanged. If you don't want to have a fuss, SEO Elite can make your life easy. Other things you should pay attention to if you don't want Google to ban your website:

  • No hidden text
  • No alt image tag spamming
  • No meta tag stuffing
  • No title tag stuffing
Again you can use SEO Elite to check whether your website has 'bad neighbors' linking to you. If yes, then you should delete their links immediately.

For the beginners, there is a great trick you can do to trade links; just type: your keyword 'Please also suggest my link to the LinkPartners.com Directory' in Google to find out who is willing to do reciprocal links with your website. Also joining LinkMetro will allow you to get a lot of links that are relevant to your website. This service is FREE for you to sign up; so definitely you should take advantage of it.

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