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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Switching Joomla! Default Editor TinyMCE to JCE

Want to have a better editor for your Joomla! website? Here I am going to introduce you to a newly released editor, JCE (Joomla Content Editor), for your Joomla! site. It is FREE to download, easy to install, and convenient to use. It is awesome for some functions such as Advanced Image/Media and File handling, Plugin Support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

I installed it and I love it. It makes upload images, videos, photos a lot easier. Everything is being done through the editor's interface area. If your want to have this amazing editor, download it here. The latest release is bot_jce_118.zip. After you download it, follow these instructions to install it:

  • First you have to download admin component com_jce_111.zip here and do not unzip it
  • Go to your admin area and click on Installers/Components on the menu bar
  • Browse the url you just downloaded com_jce_111.zip file; click on the Upload File & Install button
  • After you succeed, you can see JCE Admin under Components tag on the menu bar
  • Go to your admin area; click on Installers/Mambots on the menu bar
  • Locate the url you downloaded bot_jce_118.zip file (do not unzip this file); click on the Upload File & Install button
  • If you succeed, click on Mambot/Site Mambot on the menu bar, and publish it
  • Click on Site/Global Configuration on the menu bar; change Default WYSIWYG Editor to JCE Editor Mambot
Some people have problems with JCE, a trick to fix the problems is that you have to set your admin login page the same url as your configuration url. For example, if your configuration url is http://www.yoursite.com, then your admin login page should set to be http://www.yoursite.com/administrator and not http://yoursite.com/administrator.

Another problem is how to fix the editor's content background color. The default color came with whatever your template's background color is and it is very hard to see what you type. Create a file and name it editor_content.css. Open the file and put the following code there and save it:


    margin: 0; padding: 0; text-align: left; background: white; background-image: none;

Upload this file to the folder as root_directory/templates/your_template/css/editor_content.css. Go to your admin area and click on Components/JCE Admin/JCE Configuration on the menu bar. Change Template CSS classes to 'No'. Type editor_content.css in Custom CSS classes and save it. Hope you enjoy this amazing editor like I do.


erik.G said...

Thanks to all your great and generous information you post here. Is like a "Journal personnel" for all the work you done since your site is online. As "Terminator" keep saying "I'll be Back"

Erik G ;-)
PS: Continuer le bon travail

Lanna said...

I am happy you find my post to be "great and generous information". Search around you'll find other good stuff too. Thanks for your visit.

jill said...

were do you set your configuration url? Please help!

Lanna said...

Hello Jill,
The configuration.php should be in your root directory of your site. Download it to your computer or laptop (you can use FTP to download it). Amend your url and then upload it back to your root directory. That is it.

Jill said...


Thank you!

Jill said...

Sorry, I am still having problems. I can't see where in the configuration.php file to set the admin login page. Can you please provide more detail.

My image editor defaults to the login screen...which is strange. I don't know if this will fix that problem.

You help is very much appreciated!

Thanks - Jill

Thanks - Jill

Lanna said...

Hi Jill;
No need to say sorry. I am glad to help you out.
In your configuration.php file, you'll see a line like $mosConfig_live_site = 'http://www.yoursitename.com'; change it to be your url that matches your admin login url. Make sure you change yoursitename to be your actual site name.
If you have any more problems, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for your visit.

Niklas said...

Hi. I stumbled upon this thread sice i have a problem with jce i cant understand.
I have created a css file, very simple and have created a custom h1 heading (red 36px) In the editor it all looks ok it gets formatted but when published or previewedno color or correct fontsize shows. What could this be? Using the latest jce with joomla 1.5.6

Lanna said...

Hi Niklas;
Did you check out Joomla! 1.5.x's forum?
When I wrote this post I used Joomla! 1.0.x as a platform. I wish to test it out for you but I don't use Joomla! 1.5.x. Maybe one day I will. Thank you for visiting.

Anonymous said...

I actually have the exact same problem as Niklas, on 1.5... created the content_editor.css and assigned it in the control panel... styles appear in the wysisyg but no effect on the published article... I wonder if it has something to do with the path ... i mean how does the published frontpage know where is the costum css file ? maybe we shouls ad it to the template ?

vinbais said...

Thanks for the very informative post here,i have installed all the necessary component and plugins and changed the default editor still the new editor options are not showing up.
Can you help please

Lanna said...

Hello Vinbais;
Some people have to assign their editor to be JCE also. So log in to your admin area; Click on User Manager/Admin; You can see that on the upper right corner, there is a drop down list, choose JCE Editor Mambot and save it. Let me know whether that fixes your problem.

Andrew Mabbott said...

Thanks for the info. I managed to get JCE working OK, but it looks like there is no way to embed flash content through the editor, unless you add the "media manager" plugin (which is not free). Is this correct?

Lanna said...

@Andrew Mabbott,
I am not familiar with "media manager" plugin that you've mentioned, but you can google it to see whether it is Free or not. Thanks for your visit.

Andrew Mabbott said...

Lanna, thanks but I wasn't asking whether the media manager plugin was free (it's not). I was just wondering if there was another way to embed flash in JCE since you said it makes uploading videos easy.

Lanna said...

@Andrew Mabbott,
Sorry for the late reply.
I don't use flash that much; but I use YouTube videos in my Joomla! site occationally. It is pretty easy. I just get the codes from YouTube and paste them directly in JCE's editor (use HTML mode). Hope it helps.

lee said...

does anyone use the new compoenent 1.5.6 and plugin 1.5.3? Ive just upgraded but am finding the script in the heaer of my site is still refering to 1.5.2 and the 'paste as plain text' option in IE doesnt work?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sir!

The default editor looks pretty ancient in its features as compared to your beautiful editor. Let me take this opportunity to appreciate your hard work. Thank you!

Creare Site said...

Hello, Does someone know if the JCE editor have some plugin for changing background(color or a picture) ?

Lanna said...

@Create Site,
I don't know there is a plugin for changing the background or not. However, if you follow the instructions shown above, it should not be a problem of changing your editor's background color.

Anonymous said...

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WodrpressCustomCMS@$100 said...

very good cms work,

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot. It work for me like a charm. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! The part with the CSS code was really helpfull! Great job

Anti Snoring Pillow said...

Joomla tiny editor is good but many have started to use JCE

Anonymous said...

FINALLY, an easy way to get rid of the background in JCE! Thanks a million.

شات الخليج said...

شكرا لك

creare stie said...

thanks for the info

D2D said...

Does someone know if the JCE editor have some plugin for changing background(color or a picture) ?diamond

Lanna said...

Hi D2D,
You don't need a plugin because plugin somehow will slow down your site.

Kevin Leinen said...

This really excellent feature for Joomla

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